the myers family

fun little tid bits

our relationship

We met in 2014 and instantly became best friends. We began dating in 2015 and were married a year and a week later...we planned our wedding in 3 months! We are now running two businesses and living the good life with our two kids.

our fav spot

We love this little beach area in Lake Charles called North Beach. We went there once when we were dating and have made it a family trip tradition a few times every year. It is so special to bring the kids there now.

our fav show

A show we can never get enough of is...
Kaylee has watched it so many times she can quote entire scenes. It also makes for good background noise when editing!

our fav food

We share this in case we can sway your decision about catering for your wedding ;) Tacos are HIGH on our list of favorites. If it can become a taco, it will be a taco.


In our free time we love spending time with our kids, friends, and family. We love taking trips and exploring new places. 


Weirdly enough, our new shared obsession has been fragrances. We watch Jeremy Fragrance on YouTube to get all the latest in smell goods haha.

Our core values

We believe in preserving genuine moments that tell a story. Our work is driven by a deep appreciation for real emotions, raw beauty, and the power of unfiltered connections.



With every click of the shutter, we strive to convey the essence of emotions, encapsulate genuine connections, and preserve memories that transcend time. We believe that each photograph has the ability to transport you back to that special moment, evoking the same joy, laughter, and even tears.

capture real life moments


Learning is an integral part of our journey. We are constantly seeking inspiration from through workshops, mentorships, and engaging with other talented artists. We are committed to continuously honing our skills, refining our techniques, and exploring new artistic perspectives to bring your, our clients, exceptional work time and time agian.